EV Charging Infrastructure Strategy for 132 Vehicle Fleet

Case Study – April 2020

Our Client, the City of Abbotsford, asked Hoa Cleantech to develop a high-level charging infrastructure strategy, concept design and roadmap for the electrification of 132 light to heavy-duty vehicles within their fleet.

What we did:

Using our proprietary software, Hoa Decarbonisation Platform, we:

  • Analysed the existing electricity loads and fleet utilisation data.
  • Calculated energy loads from an equivalent electric vehicle (EV) fleet.
  • Identified the supporting infrastructure to meet the utilisation requirements of the equivalent EV fleet (electrical infrastructure and charging stations).
  • Developed Smart Charging strategies.
  • Analysed impact of solar and battery systems.
  • Developed a charging infrastructure concept design.
  • Developed a 10-year roadmap for the gradual replacement of fleet vehicles to EVs and installation of supporting infrastructure.