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Decarbonisation Roadmap

For operations with vehicle fleets and/or moving equipment, we utilise our Hoa Decarbonisation Platform to deliver a decarbonisation roadmap that optimises life-cycle costs and GHG emissions while minimising risk. The roadmap:

  • Identifies assets that should integrate zero-emission auxiliary power units. 
  • Identifies assets that should be replaced by equivalent zero-emission assets (i.e. battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electric or renewable fuels) and when they should be replaced.
  • Provides high-level performance specifications for equivalent zero-emission assets.
  • Identifies what supporting infrastructure is required and at what stage (i.e. upgrade of electrical service, number and type of electric vehicle charging stations, hydrogen supply and refuelling, etc.).
  • For battery electric assets, it forecasts future energy load profiles and identifies effective smart charging strategies to minimise the capital costs of electrical upgrades and energy costs.
  • Identifies onsite energy generation (i.e. solar, wind, fuel cells, etc.) and storage (i.e. batteries, hydrogen, etc.) to minimise energy costs and volatility, and when these should be integrated into the operation.
  • Quantifies the net economic and environmental impact of the roadmap.
  • Analyses the sensitivity of the roadmap to changes in asset utilisation, capital and operating costs, and the cost of capital.
  • Provides a CAPEX and OPEX forecast of the decarbonisation roadmap.

Cloud-Based Software Service

During the implementation of the decarbonisation roadmap, our Hoa Decarbonisation Platform can provide an interactive dynamic user interface and virtual dashboard that:

  • Tracks costs and GHG emission reductions.
  • Tracks asset utilisation.
  • Enables stakeholders to easily perform sensitivity analyses on key cost drivers and asset utilisation drivers.
  • Has an automatic reporting function to send updates on key metrics to stakeholders across the organisation. 
  • Can periodically update the optimal decarbonisation roadmap based on the latest asset utilisation data, costs, risks and technology trends.

Consulting Services

We provide the following additional expertise to help your organisation move towards decarbonised and zero-waste operations:

  • Project management support.
  • Procurement support.
  • Development, implementation and testing of Smart Charging Solutions for electric vehicle fleets.
  • Expert advice and guidance around electric vehicle charging technology and vendor selection.
  • Route selection to optimise regenerative breaking for electric vehicles.
  • Green hydrogen supply and demand strategies.
  • Circular economy design to deliver zero-waste roadmaps.  

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